We are pleased to introduce our new partnership with Syllabs, a specialist in semantic analysis and automatic content generation. This new collaboration provides our users with advanced data analysis and content generation capabilities for a richer and more personalized user experience.

Thanks to Syllabs, we are taking a new step forward in our desire to provide our clients with the best solutions for our real estate CRM. Syllabs, for its part, is contributing its expertise to help Apimo users better exploit the data in their CRM system. This collaboration allows our users to automatically generate property descriptions from the information stocked in their CRM system. Syllabs' algorithms are able to create unique and relevant text for each property, saving time and producing quality content for real estate listings. Apimo and Syllabs teams work together to provide technical assistance to ensure a successful implementation.

In addition, the texts generated are fully customizable and editable. They are, of course, free of spelling errors. By combining all of these features, our customers will save valuable time and be able to focus on their core business.

However, we must not forget that the human eye remains necessary and that this tool is fully effective in collaboration with a real person.

In short, the partnership between Apimo and Syllabs offers Apimo users a richer and more personalized user experience through automatic content generation. This collaboration enables Apimo users to produce superior property descriptions.

We are excited to be working with Syllabs to deliver innovative solutions to our customers and look forward to seeing the results of this collaboration.

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