Property adverts might often look much alike, especially for general sales agreements or « mandat simple » as several agents share the same property! It’s a challenge for the real estate agent to create adverts that stand out and to be ahead of the concurrence.  The new generation of buyers and tenants are less sensitive to photos and long descriptions, this new « Instagram generation » consumes more short video content with a brief captive description. In the end, this short video can make a difference to attract this new generation of clients.

Step up your visual game

With, create video content from simple photos; a super easy and fun tool that anyone can use and completely free from charges. Generate your automatically and spread your video on various portals, websites, and your social media. Stand out from the crowd in a cluttered digital environment and where most people want to "get straight to the point"!

Apimo user, look here!

To create a through Apimo, nothing is easier. From the property file, click on the Icon «, and you will be redirected to the interface, which will allow you to choose the template and pre-registered content. Once the video has been generated, it will be instantly available from the « medias » page, then exported to your property file, and compatible with real estate portals. Also from, find all the generated videos.
«Be ahead of the visual game when it comes to advertising your property portfolio online»
Some would argue that with a video you can share even more feelings than with a photo, by adding music and text that really intrigues the viewer and captures more quickly his interest. To conclude, the vast majority of people want to consult beautiful, graphical formats and through a video, you can capture these elements.
With Clapvideo attract the maximum views and generate engagement from possible client buyers and sellers!

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