Immodvisor is directly integrated into apimo as an additional function, that allows you as the user, to easily send out a personalized survey to your clients from the apimo client's database. Send a survey by email manually or automatically after the contract is finalized and up to 6 months after the contract has been signed. Once you received the survey, you can directly post it on different portals and/or on the web page.

Introducing Immodvisor

A trustworthy online customer feedback solution specializing in real estate. Thanks to Immodvisor, a real estate agency can easily broadcast positive reviews on different platforms and a seller/buyer finds the right agency within a click, a winning concept for both sides. An agent is often faced with the problem of a lack of sales mandates, and all have their own marketing strategy and channels.

🧐 How does it work ? 
Immodvisor is directly integrated into Apimo as an additional feature that makes it easy for you as a user to send out a customized survey to all of your clients from your Apimo client database. Manage the outposts automatically or manually after each contract is closed and up to six months after the deal is sealed. Once the review is received, you can directly publish the reviews on different major portals or/and on your webpage.

 "All reviews are being verified by Immodvisor and there is zero censorship."

✨ Improve your brand image 
Thanks to the instant collecting of text messages, you can get seven times more reviews posted on Google. Generating qualified traffic, and in this way improving your visibility and positioning of your website in the search engines. Clients today have high expectations; they know both the real estate market and their rights, gain their trust by being transparent about the service you offer. In the end, you want to meet these expectations so that the client will come back and/or bring more clients.

♟ Boost your business strategies 
In Apimo, all reviews received are being stored which makes it easy for you as a user to go back and look at the satisfaction rate and also find out how many surveys have been submitted. Thanks to statistics you can change your business model to meet the client's expectations and needs.

⏱ Save time
In the busy day of an agent there is no time to be wasted, with Immodvisor the process of collecting data is quick and easy. No need to type each email address and make a list of who you sent the survey to.
Or even better, send a simple text message with a link for the client to click on and answer the survey whenever they have the time and wherever they are. Immodvisor automatically sends out a reminder to the clients if the survey hasn’t been answered, which also can save some precious time.

👌🏻 More features
Additional to the reviews, in Immodvisor you have the advantage of being able to create customized forms that suit your exact needs and that correspond with the agency's visual image. The forms can be adapted to your different types of clients and the collecting of the data works in the same way as for the survey. Send out your form by email or text message and receive a notification once filled in. 

🌱 Spread your success ! 
As in French, «le bouche à l'oreille» or rumors, spread fast and even faster through the various platforms of today, one bad review can ruin a well-established agency’s reputation, and it's not easy to build up once again. Immodvisor is one way of showing one's good work, spreading a positive perception of your business based on a ranking system of 5 stars. This way, you can stay on top of the competition with other agencies on the market, plus through Apimo the process is very easy! 


4 Key Advantages

1 - It’s a time-saver; the survey can be sent directly by a text message or email to avoid complicated manipulations by the client.

2 - By one simple click, spread your success on different platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and your website.

3 - Thanks to real-time statics, manage your brand image.

4 - Beneficial for both parties. Immodvisor guarantees, authentic reviews, and frequent updates.


Available as an option for any Apimo user who would like to be part of the future customer feedback solution!

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