It’s never too late to learn! New or experienced Apimo-user? We offer various Apimo software courses adapted to each level and specified on topics such as; client buyer/owner file management, management of the property files/listings, follow-up on action done on a listing, and more. Evan Le Ny, our true Apimo expert is one of the instructors here to help you, and hand you all the information needed to get started or refresh your memory!

Why should one attend a course? 🤓

“To not miss out on anything! The Apimo software courses are essential to learn all about the different functions in Apimo. It happens that our apimo-users who used the software for years  missed out on certain tools like the  “Extranet” because they never took a course", explains Evan.

The Extranet is one of the essentials in Apimo. It's a private client space for buyers or owners but also a space for the real estate agent where important pieces of informations is stocked, so that he/she can follow up on clients. 

“I started to work at Apimo 5 years ago, but at first at the technical support, and began slowly working full time as an instructor". Evan, a genuine expert on Apimo today has seen his team grow and become an international team, courses in English, Italian, Spanish and soon in Portuguese is available. "Since lockdown, things have changed", says Evan, more than ever we see that clients wish to attend sessions online

How to attend a course? 🧐

Log in to your Apimo-account, go to the left side menu, click on tools and training, and choose the session you wish to attend. There are about 15 sessions a week with 20 to 30 spots available online. The courses face to face are only for a small group of 10 people and can be arranged for the same agency.                                                               
And is it useful to retake a course? "Absolutely, it's a lot of information at once and so we suggest to retake a course and especially as we update the software” states Evan. 


            “We prefer that you turn your web camera on, for a more personal contact ”

The different levels? 🤔

"The first level, consists of learning the basics and getting started, while the level two will allow you to learn about other topics as the many tools that Apimo offers and also the statistics indications," says Evan. The courses as the management course focus on creating new users, deactivating them, their rights, the personalised attributes, and the Api-market.

“We will soon see some new courses, about CityScan one of our partners, and some specified courses for our clients in Luxembourg/Belgium” states Evan. "For us, instructors, it's more pleasant to see the participants, so do not hesitate to turn on the web camera". Also ask us questions and give us some feedback 😉.  

Follow us on Youtube! Where we publish regularly videos in the form of tutorials, Apitips. 

We thank you Evan for your great work here at Apimo! We hope to see you soon at our coming training sessions! 🕺🏻

Maria Tjäder Larsson

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