Real estate portal: what strategy to adopt?

In order to exploit the potential of each real estate portal, it's in your best interest to establish a real diffusion strategy. The diffusion of properties on these platforms has become essential, but certain practices need to be identified in order to achieve a good return on investment.

Real estate portals enable supply and demand to meet and play an active role in getting deals done. But for this objective to be properly achieved, certain steps are strongly recommended.

1. Select the real estate portals the most suited to your business activity

When publishing on a single real estate portal or on several, the first step is to choose the right website(s) for you. This process can be complicated given the large number of platforms available.

A. Define relevant criterias :

To make portals your allies in your diffusion strategy, they need to be suited to the properties that will be shown on it.

This is why it's vital to define targeting criteria that correspond to the leads you want to reach.

On the technical side, the portal's operation and the services it offers must be suited to your needs... (for example, exchanges with your real estate CRM, video broadcasting, virtual tours, etc.). Finally, the portal's reputation and the quality of its SEO referencing are also important factors. The more well-known and well-referenced the portal, the higher the visibility of your ads.

B. Monitor ther performance of chosen real estate portals

Secondly, you must evaluate the quality of the real estate portal, and in particular the user experience. We recommend that you test the platforms like a normal user before making your decision. This will enable you to see for yourself how the ads look, and how the site functions in general.

Finally, you'll need to define the right performance indicators (KPIs) to accurately and regularly measure the performance and profitability of your ad campaigns, and react accordingly.

Portail immobilier

2. Equip yourself with a powerful software to facilitate the diffusion

The success of your portal strategy also depends on the quality of the real estate software you use.

A. Simplicity in distributing your real estate ads

Although it's a necessary step that can take some time, entering ads on portals is not necessarily a complex and time-consuming task when you have the right tool.

If you're looking to improve the overall performance of your real estate agency, you need real estate software that centralizes your properties, your contacts, your documents, your activity history...etc....

Our real estate CRM is a complete solution that will meet your objectives. The software offers a synergy of tools and more than 250 partner exchanges, enabling fast, automatic distribution of real estate ads. What's more, the product's ergonomics and design make it easy to use.

B. L’efficacité commercialB. Sales efficiency

The real estate CRM you choose must also be able to help you improve your sales. APIMO makes it easy to extract contact details from your leads, and keeps a record of all correspondence, so that you can follow up on your contacts in a personalized way. You can also obtain precise follow-up on your actions.

On a practical level, as it's SAAS software, you can use it anywhere and on any device, thanks to a simple Internet connection.

3. Stand out from your competitors

Since you will never be the only agency to choose to advertise on real estate portals, and since in most cases the agreement is not exclusive, it's worth thinking about how to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

A. The editorial quality of your real estate ads

Advertising the properties in your portfolio on multiple real estate portals will certainly increase your visibility.

But having to multiply the number of real estate ad entries can put off some professionals, who consequently abandon this option. Apimo offers an effective solution: single ad entry.

Thanks to this tool, you won't have to duplicate ad entries, and you'll gain efficiency. What's more, with just a few clicks, Apimo lets you write distinctive content for your ads.

In addition, you will be able to enter precise geographic coordinates that will be used by most portals to display your ads in search results by map or neighborhood. This will give you extra visibility and an additional source of opportunities...

B. The visual quality of your real estate ads

By adding quality photos to your ads, you can set yourself apart from your competitors and show off your portfolio of properties. After all, a visitor who finds the same property several times in different agencies will be more likely to select the ad with the most attractive photos. Our software allows you to integrate 4K (Ultra High Definition) photos into your ads, as well as virtual tours, for an immersive experience that also distinguishes you from the competition.

In conclusion, it's safe to say that real estate portals are an excellent resource for real estate agencies. They make you more visible to your target audience, but also improve your agency's overall performance.

However, if they are to be truly effective and exploited to their full potential, they must be used as part of a clearly defined strategy. What's more, while distribution is important, it must be accompanied by the right tools, and that includes business software.

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