SMS appointment reminders with apimo

The SMS appointment reminder is now available in Apimo!

Whether it's for a medical appointment, an order confirmation, the follow-up or the delivery of a parcel... SMS is part of our daily life!

When we look at the figures a little closer, we understand why it has become the channel of choice for all companies wishing to reach consumers. With read rates of between 95 and 98%, only 10% of marketing SMS messages go to spam, compared to almost 50% for emails.

92% of marketing SMS are read within 4 minutes of receipt (Mediamétrie) and have a recall rate of 60% compared to 15% for TV and 14% for radio (INSEE).

Now installed in the habits, it has become an essential tool for real estate agents. Already present in the Apimo software for several years, SMS now benefits from an appointment reminder system which is a first step towards marketing automation applied to real estate.

The daily life of real estate agents is paced by a large number of appointments, which requires good organisation and flexibility. In this context, cancelled or missed appointments are a source of frustration, a waste of time and energy.

Apimo users now benefit from a tool that allows them to easily secure their appointments, the Automator. Thanks to this feature, agents will be able to program an automatic reminder of appointments by SMS, directly from their interface (desktop or mobile).

To keep things simple, the reminder is done in 3 steps and is based on standard messages that you can modify according to your wishes. These messages will be automatically personalised with informations of your recipient and the appointment concerned.


Capture d’écran 2021-10-07 à 11.00.07

To access the feature, go to the Agency > Automator menu


Thanks to this feature, you will gain in productivity and reduce your wastage rate. You’ll also offer your contacts a user experience in line with current usage.

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