The CIGDL, assisting real estate professionals since 1971

The CIGDL directly through Apimo! The Real Estate Chamber of Grand-Duché of Luxembourg, integrated into Apimo, allows agencies to share the totality of their portfolio thanks to the property exchange « la bourse immobilière » and their portal

 The functionalities are without any additional cost for agencies with a membership of CIGDL and Apimo users:

• Share your property adverts with members and consult adverts of other agencies 

• Accomplish a property evaluation and estimation based on sales statistics 

• Expose the property advert on the real estate portal

 Members of the CIGDL and users of Apimo software, don't waste time! Contact our technical team to profit from these functionalities. 


Their values lies in the «Charte de la Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg » that follows the code of ethics « Code de Déontologie ». This chart has to be signed by each member which guarantees the quality of the service provided by the real estate professional, as well as protecting the legacy. The comity verifies the agency's activity, insurance, and documentation to make sure that they follow the regulations stipulated in the code. An agent risks being penalized or in the worst-case scenario withdrawing his/her license to operate if not following the rules.


Being a member of  real estate chamber has several advantages, the principal, being a part of a large network of specialists, sharing experience and knowledge, hopefully building long-lasting relations.
With CIGDL, you can share your property portfolio and run an estimation with the « la bourse immobilier » accessible through Apimo. Sharing the portfolio with the other members, raise the chance of finding a buyer client, and possibly increase the annual sales numbers.
The chamber has its own real estate portal called and that you can directly from apimo publish your listings. 


Certified agency since 2018

The chamber has been granted a label since 2018 «Agence certifiée Chambre Immobilière», which a member can proudly display in his shop window or online. Most likely a client will contact a professional with a label than without since they know that the real estate agent has certain requirements to fulfill and for the agent, it's a plus since they already gain trust from the client.

Get in contact with

The best way to get in contact is by, on the site you will then find all necessary information, news, and regulations (FAQ) and the membership form to fill in. Or even give them a call on (+352) 439 444 1.

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