Apimo & Yatmo : An optimised location service

Ever since March 1st, Yatmo has become one of Apimo’s partners

Yatmo is the story of two associates with a goal to develop a solution combining user experience and location service for real estate ads. Since 2014, Yatmo relies on the needs of consumers and on a strong knowledge of the real estate market, to develop a POI* service offering a quick view of the surroundings, all in a visual and intelligent manner.

The POI service designates in topography the point of interest, to signify a remarkable location that is often marked on a map or included in a geographical database, generally due to its importance to users, like schools, pharmacies, restaurants… 

What benefits for your customers? 

This tool, now available from your Apimo software, represents an added value to your current use of the current map. Indeed, it boasts numerous advantages that will make it easier to communicate the location of your properties : easy and intuitive interface, automated description of the surroundings, or international compatibility with our Apimo software !

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Activate the cartography from your CRM:

Access the Yatmo map from the Map tab of the property form


Your clients and prospects can also find the map and points of interest on their Extranet space, or their PDF brochures.




Activate the cartography on your Realtix website:

The Yatmo map and points of interest replace the Apimo map and proximity list.

A default "public" mode will display the approximate position with a circle on the map, or you can specify the exact location of the property, including POIs distances.




The Apimo team is happy to offer you this partnership.

Thanks to its numerous functionalities, Yatmo will complete the communication strategy of your properties, in an efficient and distinctive manner.  

In a competitive market, adapting to new skills could represent an additional gain for your business.

Good news ! You can test this new functionality for free on the first month of your subscription, on Apimo or your Realtix website!

Want to know more ? Contact you Apimo sales advisor today or fill in this form to take advantage of the offer!


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